Have I Got a Story for You! (2/4)

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Max discovers the mystery of the tower, and finds the treasure!  Then he decides to scavenge an old computer!

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Have I Got a Story for You! (1/4)

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Max Tesla begins on his quest to win Ohmtown Radio’s story contest!

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Oh blessed Janus, Chaos’ orderly name,

Give bounds and beginning to this work of fame,

Mercurius, lend me your blessed ear,
‘Coz I gotta give credit to the Muses dear;

Calliope said to me, in a dream,
“Girl, I have seen a future that’s so obscene,
But the golden Apollo has today sent me,
To see if you can write a more hopeful history.”

So I carry my mission, folks, my duty’s no doubt,
I got reason to believe our future ain’t runnin’ out;
And so in words and in pictures, in a style eclectic,
Let me present to you the tale, of a

…Welcome to Ohmworld, friends.