Have I Got a Story for You! (1/4)

Ohmworld-BOOK-01-PT1-THUMB_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_01 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_02 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_03 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_04 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_05 GREY_smol
Max Tesla begins on his quest to win Ohmtown Radio’s story contest!

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Art Club: Ohmtown Sketches!

Here are some of the sketches I’ve made of Ohmtown, particularly of Ohmtown Radio, where Cecil Silver does his work.

2016-11NOV-20 Ohmtown Sketches2016-11NOV-20 Ohmtown Radio Station Sketches2017-03Mar-02 Ohmtown SketchingTesla House in Ohmtown -01 GREY smol

Art Club: Max Tesla Sketches and Concepts!

I’ve done lots and lots of sketches of Max Tesla.  He’s such a goofy, hyperactive kid, so it’s a fun warmup to draw his antics.

Believe or not, his hat is actually pretty functional-it picks up radio signals as well as protect his 11-year-old noggin.

Have I Got a Story for You! (2/4)

Ohmworld-BOOK-01-PT2-THUMB_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_06 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_07 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_08 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_09 GREY_smolOhmworld-BOOK-01-PG_10 GREY_smol
Max discovers the mystery of the tower, and finds the treasure!  Then he decides to scavenge an old computer!

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